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About Invasion Kits


Invader published his first printed work in 2001. Called ALERT, it is a classic pantone print, while his other creations will mostly be serigraphs. From 2001 to 2021 the artist will publish more than 50. These are on average prints between 50 and 100 copies. The most popular are those with embossing and hot stamping (bright colors, gilding, silver). It is the latter that fit best into the artist's work as a whole. Among these are INVASION (2009),HOME (2010),SPACEONE (2013),ALADDIN SANE (2014), and SUNSET (2018).


In 1998, Invader laid his first  mosaic (PA_001) in the Passage de la Main d'or in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. She stayed there, alone, for months, until the artist realized he had created a new mode of urban expression.
As it was a miniature from the Space Invader video game, the program was all mapped out, we had to invade space with pixelated ceramic tile mosaics. Almost 25 years later, in mid-2022, we have more than 4,000 Space Invader mosaics installed in more than 80 cities. Some of them are even at the bottom of the ocean, in Cancun Bay, Mexico. In 2015, Space 2 was also sent aboard the ISS.
Invader poses all his works himself, when you see one in the street, it means "Invader was here".

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