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On Space Invader Prints, find the exhaustive list of serigraphs published by Invader since 2001

Multiple artworks representing space invaders have been published by Invader. While many use signed or unsigned lithography, the artist has mainly used screen printing to create his prints using his ephemeral art, close to graffiti art. His numbered and signed prints are reproductions of his work, well of his works, in particular the original mosaics that he pasted in the public space, and even the giant mural made in Beaubourg, Paris. He stands out among urban street artists by already being listed on the art market. Still emerging in the 2010s, he is now among some highly rated artists, graffiti artists, who create graffiti, stencils or frescoes of contemporary and urban art. Galleries and collectors are snapping up his artistic works of street art, and estimates are only rising.

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